The Signs of Homework Stress and How to Deal with It

Employees nowadays regularly complain about stress at work. This has led employers to rethink how they do business, allowing for better work-life balance.

Sadly, many students are also facing much stress at school because of homework. The difference is that people are dismissing it as the “laziness” of students today. But just like employees, if stress at school is not addressed, students’ performance will suffer.

Some signs of homework stress

  • Constant worry about completing your tasks

One sign of undue stress is if a student is always worrying about not finishing their tasks, even if ample time has been given. This may mean the student no longer believes in his or her skill to complete homework.

  • Inability to sleep because of homework

Another sign is sleeplessness because of many homework-related problems on the mind. While major tests do cause anxiety, it is different if even daily assignments begin to weigh on a student’s mind.

  • Shame about one’s homework and grades

Students are naturally hesitant to show bad grades to their parents, but if a student is ashamed to open up to their peers about their difficulties, this could be a sign of homework stress. Although privacy should be respected, everybody needs help. So it is not a good thing to keep failing grades a secret.

  • No interest to finish assignments

One final sign is when a student is no longer interested in completing their assignments. This lack of care is quite serious as it has major ramifications on the grades. It may even lead to a student dropping out.

What to do

In case you or a friend is suffering from such stress, the following are some things you can do.

  • Get enough rest

It is easy to be stressed if your mind and body are tired. So get enough rest so that your mind is fresh when you attend classes and begin your tasks at home.

  • Split big assignments into doable parts

Big projects like term papers can stress a student out. Instead of thinking of it as a whole, consider breaking them up into smaller targets that you know you can do. For example, for a term paper, you can set targets for each part of the paper that you will commit to. In this way, each section becomes more manageable.

  • Pay more attention in class

Homework becomes doubly hard if you do not know what to do. So pay closer attention in class and take good notes so that you are not surprised by the homework.

  • Spend quality time with friends and family

Sometimes a person needs encouragement from the people they love to remember that they can do it. So if you are very stressed, connect with the people you love.


Regardless of what parents or teachers may think, homework stress is real, and it can hurt the performance of a student. If you believe the abovementioned signs pertain to you, then consider the given tips to get back on track regarding your homework.