How can parents help their kids when much homework is affecting their health?

The pressure on the modern child is much. The internet is not helping matters because it acts as distractions to the goal of concentrating fully on doing their homework. Homework is one of the most hated parts of students in elementary or college. Yet, without homework, the grades that mattered cannot be gotten by the student. When the homework is too much, it can affect the health of the child. We shall be looking at ways through which the parent can come in to cushion the side effects of homework for the benefit of the child.

Negative side effects of excessive homework

We shall first go into how too much homework affects the health of the child. This is to make every parent realize the need for them to intervene before the harm is done.

The decrease in learning activity: It will affect other areas where the student is expected to focus on in other to achieve the best that they are entitled to in life. When too much time is spent on the homework for a particular subject; others that needed focus will be made to bear the brunt.

Negative effects on social communication: When the homework is too much for the students, the focus will be solely on the homework and this will worsen communication with their peers which is needed for the total development of the child.

Stress: When the child has too much to chew, stress is increased in the child and the general balance in life is affected.

The decrease in productivity: Where the child is given too much homework, the law of diminishing returns will set in. There will be no time for the child to address other issues that count in life.

How the parent can be of help

We have just seen the negative effects that homework produces in the child. We shall now take a look at measures that parents can take to address this worrisome trend.

What is the problem: You have to know how much homework is too much. For first graders, it should not be more than 10 minutes while second graders must not take more than 20 minutes according to recommendations from the national PTA.

Your Child’s focus: Parents are in the habit of rushing into the school to lay complaints to the teacher on why the workload is much. It is advised that you take a look at the focus of your child. Is the time for homework not being abused by texting friends or other unproductive acts? You have to get the issues straight on this point before taking any action.

Conducive Environment: The environment for the homework should be conducive. There should be no distractions of any sort in the area because it is one of the chief reasons why students spend more time doing their homework. Parents should make sure that the environment is conducive to learning. 

Final Take

The above tips represent how parents can be of help in solving the issues that have to do with excessive homework on the students. One more way you can help your kids when they are struggling with homework is to show them the big variety of subjects on and let them use this help service.