Pros and Cons of Homework - Do Students Really Need It?

For the longest time now, homework has been a part and parcel of student’s life right from kindergarten to college level. Some students enjoy it while others do not but all the same, it happens. Teachers who assign homework assume that it keeps students occupied while at home and also helps to grasp concepts better. While this is true, some students and even parents think that homework is overrated and that students could still do well without it. Those on either side of the divide give their valid reasons as to why they are for or against homework.

The decision to assign or not assign homework lies with individual teachers. Parents and students who do not appreciate homework may either run a campaign against it or just learn to live with it until school is done. After all, professional writers are more than willing to provide students with sociology homework help. For you to decide on whether you are for or anti-homework, you may need to go through the argued pros and cons.

Homework Pros

  • Practice. Students will understand certain concepts better if they keep practicing them Homework allows them to do so.
  • Student-teacher collaboration. Since homework is to be completed outside the classroom, then students and their tutors get a better chance to discuss the results. Communication is improved even for classroom purposes.
  • Students become more responsible. The fact that a student can complete a school assignment while at home means that they are responsible. With all the distractions in a home environment, only a responsible student will make time for their homework.
  • Parents track their children’s progress. Having their kids doing assignments from home gives parents a chance to monitor progress. They can tell where their children are good and where they are struggling.
  • Bringing families closer. Doing classwork from home means the student can consult with family members. This allows them to participate more in each other’s lives hence a stronger family bond.

Homework Cons

  • Burnout. Well, schoolwork in itself can be a lot sometimes. If homework is added to the equation, it is possible to have students having academic burnout. Students need to rest and home seems to be the best place to do so.
  • Deprivation of social life. Some teachers will overload students with homework to the extent that they have no time for their social life. Being away from school should allow kids to do fun activities.
  • Ineffectiveness. Since homework is done at home and consultation is allowed, most students end up not doing it at all. They ask their siblings or friends to complete it for them and this does not serve the intended purpose.
  • Loss on interest. This is especially for the young minds in kindergarten and elementary level. Too much pressure to complete homework after another may cause them to lose interest in studies.

Bottom Line

Whether homework is good or bad is a debatable subject. However, after going through the pros and cons above, you could decide for yourself which side of the divide you will be.