The Key to Balancing Extracurricular Activities and Homework

When a student is still young, balancing hobbies and sports is not difficult. Parents are usually available to take their child to the activity, and the sport or hobby is probably not serious enough to cause conflict with law school assignments.

But in high school or college, extracurricular activities may have greater importance. Some students become more involved because such pursuits may be their ticket to a scholarship in college or even a way to turn pro. If not scholarship or career-related, then such activities may be important because of the relationships within the club, making each project meaningful.

The problem, however, is balancing time for homework and such extracurricular activities. If that is you, the following are some things you can do.

  1. Do your assignments right away

If you want to ensure that homework does not interfere with your extracurricular activities and vice-versa, do your assignments right away. As soon as you get home and have a refreshing snack, it is best to start. This should be the case even if the assignment’s due date is still several days or weeks away - something that happens a lot in college. The faster you finish, the fewer worries you will have.

  1. Plan your days

The key to starting right away is planning your daily or even weekly schedule. Similar to a busy business executive, you need to plan when you will practice and how you can squeeze homework in during your free time. In high school, this may mean setting aside evenings and even a good part of your weekend to ensure work is done. In college, this means taking advantage of the breaks between classes to complete work for each subject before more homework is assigned in another class.

  1. Think of the bigger picture

The older you get, the more distractions there are. As you balance assignments and team practices, many people will invite you out for some fun. It can be very tempting to feel that you are not making the most out of school because of your assignments. Should this be the case, remind yourself constantly about the bigger picture.

This might mean staying on the team, as some sports programs require athletes to maintain certain grades, or graduating with honors, which can boost your chances of getting a high-paying job. So sacrifice a bit now so that you can reap the benefits in the future.

  1. Get enough rest

Many older students think the best way to get everything done is to sacrifice their sleep. So they continue to practice, attend meetings, do their homework, and squeeze in some fun instead of sleeping early. While you might be able to survive for a few days or maybe even for a week or two, the lack of sleep will eventually catch up with you, causing your body to break down. So ensure you get enough rest so that you can truly manage everything.


It is a blessing to be a student involved in important activities at school. But if you want to maintain what you are doing while still doing well in your studies, consider getting law assignment help online and follow the key points above to ensure you can do both.